The official language used in Dominica is English. It is particularly favored among the younger generation in the country. English is also the main language used in education.

A French Creole is also spoken in Dominica, particularly by the older generation. Cockoy is also used in Dominica, which is considered to be a pidgin of English. Island Carib is a language that, although today extinct, used to be spoken in what is today Dominica.

Cockoy, also spelt Kokoy, is sometimes considered to be a type of pidgin English. It is unique to the island of Dominica, and is said to have originated with immigrants from nearby Montserrat and Antigua.

Aside from English, French Creole, and Cockoy, standard French is also understood by some of the population of Dominica. This is due to decades of on and off French rule in the country.

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