The national flag of Comoros consists of four horizontal stripes of (top to bottom) yellow, white, red, and blue. There is a green chevron on the mast side of the flag that contains a white crescent and four white, five-pointed stars. This flag was officially adopted on 7 January 2002 after a national referendum in 2001 and is known as Union des Comores in French and Udzima wa Komori in Comorian.

The four islands of Comoros, Moheli, Mayotte, Anjouan and Grande Comore, are represented in the four stripes of this flag. There is yellow for Moheli, white for Mayotte, red for Anjouan, and blue for Grand Comore. The green is a symbol of the Federation of Comoros and house the crescent and stars which are traditional symbols of Islam, specifically Sunni Islam, the national religion. The flag is seen by many Comoros nationalists as a symbol of unity as well as true independence from colonialism.

The national flag of Comoros was designed in 2001 by the government after a constitutional reform attempted to unify the country. In this constitution, the government refers to the flag as the national emblem although it is representative of the official flag. All four of the islands in Comoros have their own flag which provided inspiration for the colour scheme in the current national version.

The flag of 1963-1975 consists of a green field with a large white crescent in the top left-hand corner as well as four large, white, five-pointed stars across the centre of the flag diagonally. The flag used from 1976-1978 contains a red stripe and a green stripe with a crescent and star formation in the top left-hand corner. The three flags used in Comoros from 1978 until the current banner was adopted are very similar with only minor differences. All of these flags contained a green field as well as a variation of the white crescent and four-star configuration.

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