The capital of the Union of Comoros is Moroni, which is located on the west coast of the island of Grande Comore, the largest island in the country. Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport, located in Hahaia, about 15 kilometres (9 miles) north of the Moroni city services the area. There are no direct flights to Europe from Moroni and the city must be accessed via the African continent. The city was settled by Arab travellers as early as the 10th Century and was a part of a trade route with Zanzibar which is seen in the markets in the region today. The name Moroni means "in the heart of the fire", in the local Comorian language.

The population of Moroni is estimated at 55,000 inhabitants making it the largest city in the country in terms of population. Sunni Muslims account for approximately 98% of the citizens of Moroni but there are also Roman Catholic and Christian minorities. The majority of people in Moroni speak Comorian but will have knowledge of Arabic, French, and/or English.

Attractions in the city include the historic town centre which was built in 1427 and is based on the stone town of Zanzibar. There are also many interesting cultural sites such as the mosques and the History and Literary Museum. Moroni offers an abundance of wildlife and hiking trails as well as Mount Karthala which is one of the largest active volcanoes on earth. Fishing and diving are also popular at the beaches just outside of the city.

The climate of the city is considered a tropical rainforest environment with heavy rainfall (2,700mm/100 inches) throughout the year. Average temperatures throughout the year are relatively constant with highs between 32–34 degrees Celsius (90–93 degrees Fahrenheit) and lows ranging between 14–20 degrees Celsius (57–68 degrees Fahrenheit). The area is also subject to cyclones on a regular basis.

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