Before settlement, Christmas Island had no native population, and the English and Australian influence on the nation has led to English becoming the official language. There are also many Chinese speakers on the island as well as small Malaysian and Indian communities.

Although most on the island have a working knowledge of English, the demographics of the island reflect a sizeable Chinese citizenry. The 2011 Australian Census provided population demographic figures of 65% Chinese, 20% Malay, 10% European and 5% Indian and Eurasian on Christmas Island.

The small population of this country is diverse, and this also reflects in the religious beliefs of the nation's inhabitants. 75 % of people on the island identify with Buddhism, 12% identify as Christian, 10 % identify as following Islam, and other religions on the island include Baha'i Confucianism, and Taoism.

As mentioned earlier, Christmas Island is a diverse nation with Asian, Eurasian, and European citizens all sharing this small piece of land. Languages other than English and Chinese on the island include Hindi and Malaysian. There was initially no native population on the island which has led to a diverse melting pot of languages in the country.

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