Although the modern flag of Christmas Island has been used since 1986, it was not officially adopted until 2002. The flag consists of a blue a green background which is split diagonally across the flag from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. On the left-hand side of the flag, there is the constellation the Southern Cross which also appears on the flags of Australia and New Zealand. On the right-hand side of the flag, there is a bird which is the Golden Bosun, a native bird and symbol of the island. Lastly, in the centre of the flag, there is a golden disk with the isle outlined in the middle portion of this symbol.

The green and blue background of the flag is said to symbolize the land of Christmas Island as well as the surrounding ocean. The Golden Bosun bird located on the right half of the flag is a significant symbol of the island because the bird is native to the country. The Southern Cross constellation is positioned similarly to that of the flag of Australia, symbolising the link between the two nations. The golden disk with the island outline in the middle of the flag was added to offset the green and blue but many claims that this disk represents the Christmas Island mining industry which has been an essential economic cornerstone of the nation.

After receiving close to 70 submissions, the Christmas Island Assembly chose this entry as the winner for the new flag in 1986. The designer was a man named Tony Crouch who had previously worked on the island and who lived in Sydney, Australia. Crouch received $100 for his design, and the new flag was announced on April 14, 1986. The official date of adoption and recognition did not come until January 26, 2002, which is known as Australia Day, a public holiday in the country.

Christmas Island had been part of the British Colonial Empire until 1958 when ownership and administration of this area were transferred to Australia. Before adopting this design in the 1980s, the territory flew the British or Australian flag.

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