The current flag of Chad was officially adopted on November 6, 1959, approximately 1 year after this country became independent. The flag is made up of 3 stripes of varying colors, referred to as a tricolor design. From left to right, this flag’s stripes are: blue, gold, and red. The stripes run vertically across the flag and are of equal measurement. Typically, it is referred to as the National Flag.

Each of the colors on the flag of Chap has a unique meaning. The blue stripe, located on the left side, is said to represent the clear sky over the country. Additionally, it is the color of hope. The gold stripe, located in the center, symbolizes the bright sun that shines down on the land and the desert that covers much of the national territory. Finally, the color red stands for the blood lost during the fight for independence and for the unity the people of this country feel.

When Chad first achieved independence on November 28, 1958, the government continued to use the French Tricolor flag. The newly formed legislative body took a few months to decide on a new flag and seal design. That original flag design, however, was already in use by the country of Mali. The legislative committee called on a new flag design and the current version was officially adopted on November 6th of the following year.

The very first flag used in the newly independent Chad was the Flag of France, a remnant of the recently ended colonial era. This flag was a similar, vertically striped tricolor of blue, white, and red. The first official flag of this country incorporated the pan-African colors of green, gold, and red. It was replaced by the current version when the government of Chad learned that the design had already been officially adopted by Mali.

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