The capital of Cape Verde is Praia, which is located on the southern coastline of the Santiago Island. It sits at the top of a chain of plateaus and extends into some of the surrounding valleys of the area. The largest of these geographic features is known simply as Plateau. Because of its position along the coast, Praia serves as an important port city for this country as well. It was officially established as the capital of Cape Verde in 1770, when pirate invasions forced the population out of Ribeira Grande, the previous capital.

The population of Praia is estimated at around 154,900, which represents significant growth over the population size of the year 2000 (94,1161 individuals). These individuals live throughout the valleys and plateaus of Praia. The city itself is divided into a number of neighborhoods, some of which have been developed as recently as 2015. The least populated neighborhood here is Quebra Canela, which is located on the beach and home to several restaurants and a large shopping mall.

Although Cape Verde is growing in popularity with tourists, Praia remains largely unvisited. Part of this is due to the underdeveloped tourism infrastructure found here. For example, many of the streets are still without names and only 2 companies provide public transportation services. Despite this, Praia does have a few sites that tourists enjoy visiting. Some of these attractions include: the presidential palace, the former city hall, the Ethnographic Museum, and Albuquerque Square.

Praia is located in a mild desert climate, which means that very little precipitation falls throughout the year. Most of the rainfall in this city, an average of 8.25 inches annually, occurs between the months of August and October and takes place over an average of 22 days per year. The temperature manages to stay relatively low as well due to its proximity to the ocean. In fact, the highest registered temperature was 99° Fahrenheit in May, when the normal daily average is 75.6° Fahrenheit.

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