The official name of the Government of Canada is Her Majesty's Government. The government has consisted in its current form since the Constitution Act of 1867. Canada has a government that is a constitutional monarchy as well as a federal parliamentary democracy.

What Does the Election Process Look Like?

Federal elections in Canada are open to voters aged 18 years or older. The minimum period for a federal election is 36 days. The Elections Act controls how much spending government officials may have in an election.

Where Is the House of Paliament Found?

The home of the Parliament of Canada is Parliament Hill, located in the capital city of Ottawa. The buildings were built in the Gothic revival style. The Prime Minister of Canada is housed at 24 Sussex Drive, also in Ottawa. It has been the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada since 1951, although the house was built in the 1800s. There is another official residence made available to the Prime Minister, an estate called Harrington Lake. The house is located in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec and is considered to be the Prime Minister's summer home.

What Are the Political Parties of the Country?

Major political parties in Canada include the Liberal Party (centre-left), the Conservative Party (centre-right), the Green Party (left), and the New Democratic Party (left).

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