The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. Ottawa is located in eastern portion of the east-central Canadian province of Ontario. The Ottawa River runs through the city. The city of Ottawa was first established in 1826, although it was then called Bytown. Ottawa was chosen as the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria on New Year's Eve, 1857. Ottawa was seen as a surprising choice, as it did not at the time have a sizeable population and was seen as relatively geographically isolated. However, the reasons for choosing Ottawa were its location between the major cities in Canada West of Toronto and Kingston and the major cities of Canada East of Montreal and Quebec. Its location was also seen as a safe choice away from the threat of American attack, which was a concern at the time.

As of 2016, Ottawa had a population of just under one million, with 934,243 people living within the city itself. In the greater metropolitan area, there were 1,323,783 individuals. These means that Ottawa is the fourth-largest city in Canada after Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada, as well as the world, ranking high on measurements of living standards.

Ottawa is home to a variety of museums and attractions that make it popular among tourists. These museums include the popular National Arts Centre as well as the National Gallery. Parliament Hill, the home of the Government of Canada, is another popular tourist attraction in Ottawa. The Canadian Museum of History, which is located across the river from Ottawa in Gatineau, is the most visited museum in all of Canada. Ottawa is almost famous for its extensive canal system, the Rideau Canal. In winter, it is possible to ice skate along the canal.

Ottawa is home to four distinct seasons. Its climate can be described as humid continental. This means that summers are humid and hot, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Winters in Ottawa are long, snowy, and extremely cold. Temperatures in January on average stand at around -14 degrees Celsius.

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