The Island of Bouvet has no permanent people living on the island apart from those who occupy it while doing research. The island covers an area of 19 square miles. Bouvet Island is a dependency of Norway, and the Norwegian flag is used as the flag of the island. The flag consists of three colors of white, blue, and red. The blue color forms a cross, and it is bordered by white while the background of the flag is red. The flag was officially adopted on February 27, 1930.

The white color used on the cross represents the strong ties Norway has with Demark. Blue, on the other hand, stands for the union between Norway and Sweden while the cross is a symbol of Christianity religion in Norway. Mr. Fredrik Meltzer designed the flag.

The flag used was designed by Fredrik Meltzer, who was a businessman in Norway who worked in his family export and import business. Mr. Meltzer represented the city of Bergen in the Norwegian assembly and also served on several committees in Norway. Apart from being a member of parliament, he was also a member of the municipal council.

The island of Bouvet has had no other flag since the adoption of the current flag in 1930. The flag has been used from the time the island was declared a dependency of Norway. Apart from Norway, the island was claimed by the UK and was even declared its territory in 1825 and was named Liverpool Island. Since it was a British territory before Norway, the British flag maybe regarded as the only previous flag the island has ever used.

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