The Bermudan flag is red with the Bermuda coat of arms on the lower right part of the flag and the Union Jack flag on the upper left corner of the flag. The flag is unique for a British overseas territory as all the other British territories used the blue version of this flag ashore while Bermuda uses the British red ensign on land. This flag was adopted on October 4, 1910.

Bermuda’s coat of arms displays a red lion holding a shield symbolizing the sinking of the sea venture which sunk a mile off the Bermudan coastline in 1609. The British flag symbolizes that it is a territory of Britain. The Latin inscription on the flag reads ‘’Quo Fala Farunt’’ which means the “Wither the Fates Carry’’. The red color on the flag symbolizes bravery, strength, hardiness, and valor. The white color on the flag symbolizes peace while the blue color symbolizes justice, loyalty, perseverance, truth, and vigilance. The coat of arms of Bermuda symbolizes the courage of Admiral George Sommer who crushed onto the reef intentionally to save the people on board his ship from a storm. These individuals became the first settlers in the island.

The design of the Bermudan flag dates back to the designing and adoption of the Union Jack flag, which was created after the union between Ireland and Great Britain. The Union Jack flag was adopted as the flag of all British territories, including Bermuda. However, once Britain gave the Bermuda a coat of arms, it was adopted into their flag along with the Union Jack flag.

The first ever flag to be flown in Bermuda was the British flag. The flag was used from 1707 to 1801. In 1801, the union flag was adopted by Great Britain after they joined with Ireland. This flag was used in Bermuda from 1801 to 1875, but the first colonial ensign came in 1875. The blue ensign flag, which was used in Bermuda from 1801 to 1875, has the union jack on the upper left part of the flag as well as the badge of Bermuda which had three boats on a wet dock in the middle. This flag was changed after Bermuda was given their coat of arms in 1910 and this was the birth of the Bermuda red ensign flag.

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