Anguilla is a self-governing United Kingdom Overseas Territory. The political framework consists of a parliamentary democratic system and a monarchy system. The government is headed by a governor who appoints the chief minister while the Queen appoints the governor as the head of the Executive Council. Power rests in both the Executive Council and the House of Assembly. This framework functions under the Anguilla Constitutional Order of April 1, 1982.

In Anguilla, any citizen who is 18 years or older on election day, is eligible to vote. Anguilla practices a multiparty system and lies in the northern most part of the leeward island in the lesser Antilles. It is one of the internally self-governing British Overseas Territories. General elections are held a minimum of every five years. In the last election, three political parties participated in the election. During an election, each party has to nominate a candidate for each of the seven electoral districts. The party that garners the most electoral districts forms the government, and the leader of the party becomes the Chief Minister. The campaigning period is a relatively short affair, with a maximum of six weeks. The elected legislature that consists of 11 members serves for a five-year term.

The House of Parliament of Anguilla is located on Parliament Drive, in the capital city of Anguilla, The Valley. The parliament buildings were constructed in 1998. The official residence of the governor of Anguilla is the Government House, which is located in Old Ta. The governor has his or her own flag which is different from the country’s flag. The residence is also used for hosting ceremonies and receiving foreign dignitaries and heads of state. Also, the Queen stays in this residence when visiting Anguilla.

Anguilla has a two-party system, although other parties do exist. Some of the political parties in Anguilla include the Anguilla Patriotic Movement, the Anguilla Progressive Party, and Anguilla United Movement, and the Anguilla Strategic Alliance.

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