Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory. Its flag is blue with a British Union Jack in the top left corner and the coat of arms on the right side, which features a turquoise-blue base and three orange dolphins against a white background. The dolphins, which appear to be jumping out of the sea, are interlocked in a circle. The current flag was officially adopted in 1990, and it incorporates the three dolphins that were in the previous version of the flag. It is known as the “Blue Ensign” and is considered to be the official national flag of Anguilla.

The three dolphins symbolize strength, wisdom, and friendship. The circular arrangement of the dolphins is a symbol of continuity. Their orange color represents endurance, unity, and strength. The turquoise-blue at the base is a symbol of the surrounding sea. It also depicts youth, faith, and hope. The white background on the court of arms is representative of peace and tranquility. The incorporation of the Union Jack is a tribute to the affiliation of Anguilla with Britain

Both the Union Flag and the Three Dolphins Flag were in use for many years. However, Anguilla strongly felt that it should have its own official flag. Brian Canty, a Governor of Anguilla, designed the current flag. Canty drew sketches of the flag together with a design for an official seal based on the three dolphins, sent them to England and gained approval from Her Majesty, the Queen.

The Mermaid Flag was the first flag of Anguilla after the 1967 revolution which led to the island gaining independence. The flag was red and featured the name of the island in big, yellow letters and two mermaids clinging to a shell on a blue oval background. The Paramount Flag Company designed it at the request of Scott Newhall, an Anguillan who lived in San Francisco. The flag was not popular and was only hoisted for few months before it was replaced by the Three Dolphins Flag.

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