Åland is governed according to the Act on the Autonomy of the country and international autonomy treaty. The government of the state is headed by a premier who is elected by the parliament. The government of Åland (Landskapsregering) is responsible for the daily operations of the state while the State Department of Åland represents the Finnish government who administers the law according to the Finnish laws. There are six ministries in the island: Trade and Environment, Finance, Education and Cultur, Administration and EU-affairs, Health and Social Affairs, and Communications and Infrastructure.

The parliament consists of 30 members elected by secret ballot every four years. The parliamentarians are responsible for passing laws and are members of the four committees of parliament. The parliament also nominates the president. The parliament is headed by the speaker and two deputies. The most recent elections were held on October 18, 2015. A premier can run for a maximum of two terms.

The parliament of Åland (lagting) is located in the capital city Mariehamn. The premier’s residence is also located in the city. Forty percent of the population also resides within the city’s boundaries. The Act governs the island's autonomy. The division of roles and power between the governments of Finland and Åland is on a consensual basis. The Autonomy Act has been amended thrice, and the current Act is the third in line. It was adopted on January 1, 1993.

Major political parties in the Aland Islands include the Alandic Centre, Liberals for Aland, Aland Social Democrats, and the Moderate Coalition for Aland.

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