The Zimbabwean flag consists of seven bands of green, yellow, and red. The hoist side has a white chevron, a five-pointed star, and a bird. The first band is green, followed by yellow. The black band is in between two red stripes at the top and bottom. The second last band is yellow while green comes last. The chevron on hoist side is white, while the five-pointed star is red and the bird is yellow. The flag was officially adopted on April 18, 1980.

The white color on the flag represents peace and black stands for the African people. Red represents the blood shed during the fight for independence. Green represents the land in Zimbabwe while yellow stands for the abundant mineral deposits. The bird represents the history of Zimbabwe while the red star stands for national aspirations.

The designer of the original Zimbabwean flag is not known, but the flag was presented to the government by the then minister of public works Mr. Richard Hove. The design presented did not have the bird on the flag. The addition of the bird on the flag was done by Mr. Cederic Herbert, who was a lieutenant in the Rhodesian Air force.

Apart from the British ensign flags used in the country, Zimbabwe has only had two different flags. The first one was a tricolored flag of green and white with the coat of arms on the center where white stripe was in between two green stripes. The other flag had three horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe on the hoist side. The yellow bird was in the vertical stripe, and the others bands were red, white, and green. Later on, in 1980 the current flag was adopted.

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