Western Sahara is a disputed territory in Africa, with Morocco claiming ownership and the Polisario Front claiming as the independent Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Some countries around the world do recognize the SADR as an independent nation. As an independent nation, the capital of this region is Tifariti. This city is located in the northeastern region of the country, just 9 miles north of the border with Mauritania. Tifariti was established as the capital in 2011. Its location is centralized between the Sahrawi refugee camps and an important religious site, known as Smara.

The population of Tifariti is not known exactly, but is believed to be around 3,000. The majority of these residents identify as ethnically Sahrawi, a group of people who primarily descended from Berber tribes and ethnic Arab. Today, these people are struggling to maintain their independence against political authorities in Morocco. The Sahrawi peoples claim that even throughout the various colonial eras, they have managed to operate independently of outside forces.

Because of the harsh desert conditions and political instability of Western Sahara, Tifariti is not a popular or common tourist destination. This small town is only host to a few administrative buildings, like the 2nd military region headquarters, a hospital, and the Sahrawi National Council. Additionally, Tifariti has a small school and museum. The local government is continuously working to establish and improve a system of infrastructure. Over the last few decades, it has built a number of houses, places of worship, and a dam project in order to ensure that the residents have a reliable water source.

Tifariti is located in a harsh desert climate, which means the area experiences hot and arid conditions that make it difficult for vegetation to thrive. The hottest days occur in July and August, while the coldest temperatures occur during December and January.

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