The flag of Uganda is characterized by 6 alternating and horizontal stripes of equal measurement. The first 3 stripes are black, yellow, and red (from top to bottom). This pattern is repeated on the second half of the flag. A solid white circle is situated at the center of the flag, overlapping the two center stripes. The national symbol of Uganda, a grey crowned crane, is in the center of the white circle. This crane faces the left side, from which the flag is hung. Its width to height ratio is two to three. Uganda officially adopted the national flag on October 9, 1962.

The black, yellow, and red colors of the flag of Uganda are the colors of the Uganda People’s Congress political party. This political party won majority rule in April of 1962. Additionally, other accounts claim that each color has a specific meaning. Black, for example, stands for the color of the people of Uganda, while red represents the unity of the population. Yellow is said to represent the warm sun that shines down on the country. The grey crowned crane is respected in this country because of its non confrontational attitude. On the flag, this bird is shown standing on one foot, which represents progress for the country.

The flag of Uganda was designed by the Uganda People’s Congress political party after it won the majority rule in April of 1962. Prior to the election, Uganda had been using the flag of the Democratic Party as its national symbol. This design was overthrown by the new government, which then used its own horizontally striped tricolor flag in its place. This design was just doubled and the national bird was placed in the center.

Over the years, Uganda has used a number of flag designs to represent the country. The first of these was under British colonial rule and was used between 1914 and 1962. It had a blue background with a small British flag in the upper left corner and a similar grey crowned crane symbol, located in the middle of the right side. Between March and October of 1962, the flag design was made up of 5 vertical stripes. The two outer stripes were green and yellow, surrounding a blue center stripe. Additionally, a yellow crowned crane silhouette was placed in the middle of the blue stripe.

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