The government of the British Virgin Island is a constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliament. The official name of the British Virgin Island government is referred to as Her Majesty’s Government of Virgin Islands. The government structures of the British Virgin Islands are as stated in the constitution, which was adopted in 2007.

What Does the Election Process Look Like?

Qualifications to get registered as a voter in the Virgin Islands are regulated by the article 28 of the British Virgin Island constitution. The article states that an individual is qualified to vote if they are 18 years and above, and either a resident of the United States Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands. The general elections on the Virgin Islands are held every four years as per the constitution. Since 1999, the country has had a 2-party system, which means that there are only two political parties active in the country. These two parties are the Virgin Island Party and the National Democratic Party. The constitution does not stipulate the exact campaign duration in the country. The constitution does not stipulate the number of successive terms a premier can hold the office, but the shortest serving premier is Cyril Romney, who served from November 11, 1983, to October 1, 1986.

Where Is the House of Paliament Found?

The House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands meets in the Richard Stoutt building which is located in Road Town, Tortola. The old legislative council building is now used as the high court of the British Virgin Islands. The government house, which is located in Road Town, is the official dwelling of the governor of Virgin Islands. The current structure of the government house was built between 1925 and 1926 after the original house was destroyed in 1914 by a hurricane

What Are the Political Parties of the Country?

There are two political parties who are currently active in the British Virgin Islands. They are the National Democratic Party and the Virgin Islands Party.

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