Where is Togo?

Located in Western Africa, Togo has a 1,880.00 km border with Benin (651 km), Burkina Faso (131 km) and Ghana (1,098 km).In 2001, Benin claimed Togo moved boundary monuments, and talks about the matter continue.

Togo is an African country covering 56,785.00 km2 of which 4.23% is water and 54,385.00 km2 is land. This makes it the 72nd smallest country in the world and slightly smaller than West Virginia. Its geographic coordinates are 8 00 N, 1 10 E and Lome is the capital city.

The name comes from the Ewe phrase for "by the water".

Its ISO code is TG.


Togo has a mean elevation of 236 m above sea level. Its lowest elevation is Atlantic Ocean. Its highest elevation is Mont Agou which is 986m above tall.

It has a tropical climate that is moderated by trade winds. The terrain consists of gently roling savanna in the north, with low marshland elsewhere.


Togo has a population of 7,756,937 making it the 99th largest in the world.

French is the official language, and Ewe and Mina are commonly spoken. The majority of the population identifies their ethnicity as African. The majority of the country has Christian, Muslim, or indigenous beliefs.

The dialing code for the country is 228.


Togo is an independent country. it gained independence from French-administered United Nations trusteeship in 1960. Its constitution was last ratified in 1992.


Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, Togo's GDP is $11,610,000,000.00 (USD) with $1,500.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 153rd largest economy and its citizens the 209th richest in the world. The currency of Togo is the Franc (XOF).

Its major export partners are India, Burkina Faso, and China. Its main exports are reexports, cotton, phosphates, coffee, and cocoa. Its major import partners are China, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Its major imports include machinery, foodstuffs, and petroleum products.

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