The capital of South Korea is Seoul. It became the capital city after the division of Korea into North and South Korea in 1948. The capital of South Korea is located in the northwestern region of the country along the Hangang River. The city is home to the government, commercial and international business hubs. Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea, and it is also the most populous city in the country. In the past the city was known as Wiryesong. The city of Seoul is the 16th largest city in the world and constitutes the central area which includes the contiguous metropolis of Incheon and the province of Gyeonggi.

Seoul has around 10 million people living in the city as per 2017. The large metropolitan areas have around 25 million residents. The residents in Seoul are mainly housed in high rise apartments in the city. The city has the high population density of 44,776 people per square mile compared to other cities. The population of the city has grown over the years leading to the emergence of satellite towns which make up the metropolitan areas.

The history of Seoul dates back to more than 600 years ago. Tourists are attracted to the city to see how the old and modern architecture have been intertwined to form what stands today. The Changdeokgung Palace, a world heritage site, has all of Korean history from the 15th century. The Korean art center has all traditional cuisines available from green tea, aromatic concoctions among others. The streets are filled with different stalls selling delicious meals to try out. The city also has excellent places to visit for example Seoul Grand Park, amusement park, Seolleung Park Royal Tombs, Seodaeun Prison among others.

Seoul experiences a continental and temperate climate throughout the year. Temperatures are at an average of 22.4 degree Celsius to 29.6 degree Celsius. The hottest month is August while July is the wettest month. July receives a significant amount of rainfall. The dry months in the city are December to February. Every winter the city experiences on average 28 days of snow.

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