The capital of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is King Edward Point. It is situated on the North-eastern Coast of South Georgia Island. King Edward Point city is also known as KEP, and it gained its capital status in 1908. The island covers an area of 1507 square meters. Although the island was in the hands of the British government from 1908, there was a brief moment when the island was under the Argentina government in 1982, during the Falkland war.

King Edward Point has an average population of 30 people and none of them are native. The population is mainly made up of the scientists of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who are not permanent inhabitants. On the island there are also the deputy postmaster, government officer, and support staff. These people are not permanent residents on the island. Their stay on the island is only for a short time and the population keep rising during summer and drops during winter.

Some of the interesting places to visit in King Edward Point include the wreck of the Argentina landing craft known as the Fenix of 1982. There are also breeding of elephants seals, and during the months of October to November about 100 to 200 pubs are born. There is also a memorial cairn and cross that was erected by Sir Ernest Shackleton crew in 1922. The discovery house which was built in 1925 currently serves as the laboratory and accommodation for the researchers. Some of the sites require prior arrangement only. It may also be advisable to carry a camera to take some beautiful pictures of the environment, penguins, and birds, and other animals.

The city of King Edward Point experiences the same climatic conditions with other regions on the island with little changes. The hottest month in the city is March with an average of 8 degree Celsius while August is the coldest month with an average of 2 degree Celsius. The city also experiences strong winds with March being the windiest month. The city receives 225.8 millimeters of rain annually with the wettest month being October receiving an average of 29.6 millimeters of rain. King Edward Point receives around 650 hours of sunlight.

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