The color of the flag itself reflects Saudi Arabia's Muslim culture. Green is considered the traditional color of Islam. At the bottom of the flag is a saber. The saber has its point directed towards the hoist side of the flag. On March 15, 1973, this version of flag was officially designated at the flag of Saudi Arabia.

In most nations, the national flag can be found on clothing or other items. This allows people to show their patriotism. Saudi Arabia is a different case. The Saudi Arabian flag is not found on any clothing, or any item. The reason for this is because of what is on the flag. The shahada, or Islamic creed, is on the flag. The shahada is considered holy. Because of this, it is not featured on clothing, bags, hats, or any items.

There is also another custom performed with other national flags that is never done with the Saudi Arabian flag. Whenever there is a period of mourning, most flags are lowered to half-staff. Lowering the flag to half-staff is considered blasphemy in Saudi Arabia.

While the flag is mainly solid green today, it was not always the case. Other variations of the Saudi Arabian flag included a saber that was more curved than the current one used. A white stripe was used on the hoist side of the flag. Between 1938 and 1973, there was no white stripe on the flag. However, the saber used on the Saudi Arabian flag was more curved. This changed in 1973. A less curved saber is currently used.

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