The government of Poland is a representative parliamentary democracy. The president is the head of state whereas the prime minister is the head of government. The government is formed through the coalition of the various parties in the country. The democratic rights are vested in a multi-party system framework whereby the numerous parties compete against each other for the parliamentary seats.

Members of both the Sejm and the Senate are directly elected after every four years. The Sejm has 460 members whereas the Senate has 100 members. The registered voters elect a president, who becomes the head of state. The president is entitled to serve for a five-year term. After he or she is elected, the president appoints a prime minister who in turn forms the government. The National Electoral Commission has the responsibility of conducting free and fair elections in Poland.

The parliament of Poland has two houses. The Senate is the upper house and the sejm is the lower house of the Polish parliament. The Senate and the Sejm are located in the Sejm houses in the Sejm Complex, Warsaw. The construction of the Sejm Complex in Warsaw began after Poland gained its independence in 1918. The official residence of the President of Poland is referred to as the Presidential Palace. It is located in Warsaw. The construction of the Presidential Palace started in 1643. The Presidential Palace has since undergone tremendous renovation. The official residence of the prime minister is Willa Parkowa, which is located a few meters from the Chancellery, next to Łazienki Park.

Poland has a multiparty system. Current political parties include Law and Justice, the Civic Platofmr, Modern, and the Polish People's Party.

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