The flag of Paraguay is made up of 3 horizontal stripes of equal sizes. From top to bottom, the colors of the stripes are: red, white, and blue. The national emblem of Paraguay is situated in the center of the white band, on the front of the flag. It consists of a yellow, five-pointed star surrounded by a ring of palm and olive branches. This image is surrounded by three increasingly larger circles and the words “Republica del Paraguay”. On the back of the flag is the coat of arms, which is a sitting lion with the words “Paz y Justicia” (Peace and Justice). The flag of Paraguay was officially adopted in 1842.

The color scheme of the flag of Paraguay has a very specific meaning assigned to each color. The red band is said to resemble the bravery and sacrifices of those individuals who fought for independence. The white band stands for the integrity of the citizens of Paraguay as well as the peace that the country wishes to maintain. Finally, the blue band represents the freedom that the country achieved as well as the generosity of its people.

The current design of the flag of Paraguay was based on the flag of France. Between 1814 and 1840, Paraguay was under the dictatorship of José Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia. He openly respected the politics and military strategy of Napoleon and in his honor, adopted the Paraguay flag to resemble the French flag. To distinguish the two, Rodriguez placed the national coat of arms in the center of the flag of Paraguay. After his death in 1840, the government of Paraguay voted to make the red, white, and blue design the official flag of the country.

Throughout history, the flag of Paraguay has undergone several changes to its appearance. Prior to being officially adopted in 1842, Paraguay used around 5 variations. The first flag, used briefly in 1811, was a solid blue background with a single, white 5-pointed star in the upper lefthand corner. Later, this design became green, white, and blue horizontal stripes with no star. The third flag of 1811 was also a tricolor design with red, yellow, and blue bands of color. From 1812 to 1826, the flag of Paraguay was red, white, and blue, with no emblem at its center. Between 1826 and 1842, the country switched back to its original design, but with a lighter blue background.

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