The capital city of Palau is Ngerulmud which is located in the state of Melekeok on the central eastern coast of Babeldaob, the nation’s largest island. It became the nation’s capital in 2006 after the government administration was moved from the city of Koror some twelve miles away. Ngerulmud was established in 1522 and encompasses a geographical area of seventeen square miles.

What is the Population of the Capital City?

Ngerulmud has the distinction of being the least populous capital of all the sovereign states in the world. In total approximately 391 people make their home in Palau’s capital. The main draw of this small city is the fact that it serves as the seat of government. Ngerulmud is not considered to be a major tourist destination.

What Are Some of the Major Attractions in the Capital City?

Although Ngerulmud doesn’t attract a great deal of visitors it is home to Malsol's Tomb which is located in Elechui Village within the state of Aimeliik. Malsol was a legendary warrior who is believed to have been buried at this site. Other attractions located not far from Palau’s capital include Aimeliik Bai and the Japanese War Memorial Site.

What is the Climate of the Capital City?

Ngerulmud’s climate is characterized as being tropical with rainforest conditions. Temperatures are consistently hot and humid. The capital city sees plenty of rainfall year round averaging from about 8.2 inches to 17.3 inches per month with an annual total of 150 inches. The number of rainy days per month ranges from 15.9 to 21.9. The city’s wettest period runs from May to September.

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