New Caledonia is a dependent territory and overseas collective of France. It’s governed by a Territorial Congress which is composed of 54 members. France is represented in the local government by a High Commissioner. Within France’s national government New Caledonia is represented by two senators and two deputies. New Caledonia was annexed by France in 1853. The region became an overseas territory in 1946 and then in 1999 attained the status of special collectivity.

New Caledonia’s legislative body or Territorial Congress is made up of members from each of the island’s three regional councils all of whom are elected by proportional representation and serve in these positions for a period of five years.

The House of Parliament for New Caledonia’s 54 member Territorial Congress government is located in the city of Nouméa. The island territory is divided into three provinces; the South, Lower, and Loyalty Islands, each with its own provincial capital. The Pacific island is also divided into thirty three municipalities. The official Presidential Residence is located in Nouméa, South Province.

The region has many diverse political parties including the conservative The Rally–UMP (Front for Unity), the pro-independence Caledonian Union, trade union backed Labour Party, socialist pro-independence Party of Kanak Liberation, and the current President’s party, Caledonia Together, which has a platform based on opposing breaking the territory’s political ties with France.

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