The Mauritanian flag consists of a Crescent which faces upwards and a five-pointed star in the middle of the flag just above the crescent. The general color of the flag is green with two red bands at the top and bottom of the flag and each occupies 15% of the flag's field, and the proportion of the flag is 2:3. The official name of the flag is "the Mauritanian flag", and it was officially adopted on August 15, 2017.

The Green, Gold, and Red colors in the Mauritanian Flag are mostly considered to be Pan-African colors. The red colored stripes symbolize the efforts, sacrifices, and bloodshed by the people of Mauritania during the struggle for independence and their determination to defend their territory. Green color symbolizes both the Islam which is the primary religion in the country and the future growth of the country while Gold symbolizes the sand in Sahara desert. The symbol of the crescent and star in the middle of the flag represents the moon and the sun and are Islamic symbols.

The flag was adopted after the 2017 referendum with 54% of the people who turned up to vote and 86% of the people who turned up voted in favor of the change of the flag. The current President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz scheduled the referendum and pushed for its win despite the controversy that surrounded the vote. The flag retained its original colors with the addition of the red bands, and it was commissioned by the current president of Mauritania after the referendum win in August 2017.

The initial Mauritanian flag was adopted on April 11, 1959 from the French colonizers after the instructions from the then President Moktar Ould and the 1959 constitution which proposed the adoption of the flag without making any changes. It had the five-pointed star and the Crescent moon on a green background. The gold star, Crescent, and the green color are the traditional symbols of Islam which was the national religion of Mauritania. The green color also represented the bright future for the nation while the yellow in the Crescent and star represented the Sahara desert sands.

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