Malta has a basic bi-colored flag consisting of two equal bands of white on the hoist side and red on the fly. A representation of the George cross with red edges is at the upper hoist-side corner in the canton of the white strip. The white and red per pale flag is in the ratio of 2:3. The breadth of the flag is approximately one and a half times the height. The Maltese flag was approved by the Queen Elizabeth II as the country’s official flag on November 9, 1954. However, the flag had been in use in several other ad hoc occasions.

The white color on the Maltese flag represents the peace, love, light, and the optimism of the people of Malta. The people envision a country of peace and tranquility where everyone is free to live anywhere without the worry of hostility from fellow countrymen. The red color represents the blood that has been shed and the sacrifice made by the Maltese people in defending their beliefs and faith. The George cross represents the bravery of the people of Malta in defending their country and the bravery of the Islanders in the World War II.

The origin of the flag of Malta has several sources. The most credible source which is yet to be verified is that the red and white flag originated from the flag of the Norman family of Hauteville. The George Cross first appeared on the flag on December 28, 1943, on a blue canton. However, after the independence, the flag was changed with the blue canton replaced with a narrow fimbriation of red. One of the legends has it that the original white and red came from Count Roger’s flag who cut out a corner of the flag and left to the Maltese before he left Malta.

Before the official adoption of the current red and white flag, the Maltese flag was simply a plain red and white without the George Cross. George Cross on a blue canton was introduced to the flag on December 28, 1943. After independence, the blue canton was replaced with red fringes. It is common to see all the three flag variants flying at various points. However, the predominant one is the official one.

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