The flag of Jordan is made up of of three equally sized horizontal bands of black, white, and green, as well as a red triangular chevron on the mast side of the flag with a seven-sided white star in the middle of the chevron. This flag was officially adopted by the country on 18 April 1928, seven years after becoming a British Protectorate in 1921 and becoming completely independent of the now defunct Ottoman Empire.

The Pan-Arab colours of red, white, black, and green have been in use as a symbol of Arab freedom dating back to World War I. These colours have formed a crucial symbolic relationship with Arab nationalism in Jordan as well as other countries in the region such as Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. The black, green, and white bands represent the ancient Caliphates of Umayyad, Abbasid, and Fatimid who were some of the first Muslim communities in the world. The red chevron represents the Arab Revolt of 1916 as well as the Hashemite Dynasty, the ruling family of Jordan. The star is perhaps the most symbolic part of the Jordanian flag, and it is intended to represent the unity of the Arab people, as well as seven verses in the Quaran.

The original Pan-Arab flag from the Arab Revolt during World War I was designed by a British diplomat, Sir Mark Sykes. This flag was created to inspire Arab freedom fighters to rally around a symbol in pursuit of defeating the Ottoman Empire. Many Arab nations have used similar colour schemes in their flags because of the historical connotations of independence.

Jordan was a part of the Ottoman Empire for over 600 years and has previously used the red with white crescent and star flag as well as the Union Jack when the country was a part of the British protectorate of Jordan and Palestine. Jordan's first flag is very similar to the contemporary banner minus the seven-sided white star and is known as the flag of the Emirate of Jordan, flown from 1921-1928. This same flag was also used in a short-lived Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan for a few months during 1958.

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