Currently, the number of living spoken languages in Italy is approximated to be 34. Most of these are classified as Romance languages. However, the most widely spoken language and official language is Italian. Italian is also a Romance language, which means it evolved from a Vulgar Latin language.

97.41% of the population of Italy can speak Italian, 13.74% speak English, 8.46% speak French, 6.56% speak Spanish, and 2.06% speak German.

Italy is the fifth most studied foreign language in the world, with English being first, French second, German third and Spanish fourth. There is nearly a different dialect in each Italian city, although the Standard Italian language is based on Tuscan Italian. Some of the dialects include Molisano, Laziale, Umbrian, Apuliese, Abruzzese, Marchigiano, Romanesque and Cicolan-Reatin-Acquitan.

Apart from Italian and other foreign languages, there are other minority languages spoken in Italy. Some of these languages belong to other Indo-European branches like Climbrian, Arberesh (Albanian), Griko and Slavic. Other languages that are in the minority include Albanian, Catalan, German, Greek, Slovene, Croatian, French, Franco-Provencal, Friulian, Occitan, Ladin and Sardinian. Others are spoken by immigrants, like Romanian and Hungarian.

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