The Isle of Man is a crown dependency. It is independent but not sovereign. The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by a local panel, made up of President of Tynwald, the Chief Minister, and the First Deemster. He serves for any length and has no term limit, at the Queen's pleasure. The residence of the Lieutenant Governor is the Government House, Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man election is done through a general election. The citizens partly elect the legislature. The elections of Isle of Man voting age limit is 16 years and above. The general elections of the two chambers of Tynwald, the House of Keys and the Legislative Council, is held every five years. The House of Keys consists of 24 members that are elected to serve for a term of five years in 12 two-seater constituencies. The Legislative Council comprises of 11 members including three ex-officio members and eight other members that are elected from the House of Keys for the five-year term.

The Tynwald is the Parliament of Isle of Man. It is considered the world's oldest continuous parliament established by the Vikings in the tenth century AD. Tynwald meets in an open field every July at Tynwald Hills at St. John to promulgate all new laws in Manx and English that were passed in the course of the previous year. Tynwald Court sits in public on open air on the third Tuesday each month from October to June and on the Tuesday of the following Tynwald Day.

There are currently four active parties in the Isle of Man. They are the Isle of Man Green Party, the Liberal Vannin Party, the Manx Labour Party, and Mec Vannin.

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