Hungary is an independent, democratic and constitutional country that has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Since the decline of communism, Hungary has a system that allows many parties. Hungary’s government is commanded by the Prime Minister, while the president is the head of state. The president is voted in by the national assembly. The prime minister is also elected by the national assembly, who in turn selects the cabinet before they are approved by the president.

In Hungary, parliamentary elections are held every four years. The national assembly has a total of 386 members. Upon being elected to parliament, the members of the national assembly also elect the prime minister from the party with the majority seats in parliament. When the term of the incumbent president comes to an end, the parliamentarians also elect one through a secret ballot. The president’s term has five years.

The Parliament of Hungary is located in the country’s capital, Budapest. The building is the tallest and the most notable landmark in the city. The building's construction came as a result of an international competition. Construction began in 1885 and was completed in 1904. Hundreds of thousands of people helped with the construction. The President of Hungary’s official residence is the Sandor Palace, which is also located in Budapest. It is located towards the immediate north of former residences of Hungary’s kings and governors.

Hungary currently has a multiparty system where the Hungarian Civic Union holds the majority. The Hungarian Socialist Party is the opposition.

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