Archaeological findings provide evidence that Hong Kong has been inhabited by humans for at least 35,000 years. During the rule of the Nanyue Kingdom in imperial China (204BC) the area now known as Hong Kong was colonised. After the First Opium War of 1840, the British took control of the island as part of a ceasefire agreement with the Daoguang Empire. In 1997, the British handed sovereignty of the area back to China. Hong Kong is now one of the centres of global financial activity as well as consistently ranking as one of the freest and competitive economic zones on earth. The city also features the most skyscrapers in the world and a well-developed public transit system that 90% of the population uses.

The population of Hong Kong is approximately 7.6 million. Most of the population of Hong Kong (92%) identifies as Han Chinese and the majority of the population have roots in the Chinese province of Guangdong. Many of the remaining populace are of Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese descent. Around 3 million citizens of Hong Kong hold British citizenship, a lasting effect of colonial rule.

The shopping in Hong Kong is world famous and the Stanley Market and Repulse Bay are good places to star. Hong Kong even has a Disneyland as well as other theme parks such as the Ocean Park. The food in Hong Kong is highly recommended and the options are seemingly endless. Hong Kong also offers scenic attractions such as the Wetland Park and Botanical Gardens.

The climate of Hong Kong is classified as a humid, subtropical environment and the country averages 1,948 hours of sunshine annually. Summers in Hong Kong (July-September) are hot and humid but typhoons will most often occur during these months which can lead to landslides and flooding. Winter is considered mild and the city becomes cloudier in February. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Hong Kong city is 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in 1893 and the highest temperature ever recorded is 36.6 degrees Celsius (97.9 degrees Fahrenheit) in 2017. The average high throughout the year is 25.6 degrees Celsius (78.1 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average low is 21.4 degrees Celsius (70.5 degrees Celsius).

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