Heard Island and McDonald Islands are made up of five islands located in the Indian Ocean, in the Southern part of Africa. The islands are an Australian external territory and are uninhabited. The islands are mainly used for research and have research stations set up on the island. The islands do not have any official language as they are uninhabited, but people at the research stations use their official language of their home countries. Australian English is used by the administration of the territory as it is the primary language used in Australia.

Research scientists visit the islands, set up bases and leave once they are done. The islands had a permanent population of 0 in 2011. The US and France had set up research bases in the islands around 1971, implying English and French were the languages used at the time. The breakdown of the number of people speaking a particular language in the islands is hard to tell because the people who visit the islands do so for a short period.

Australian English has some phrases considered to be Australian slang. Words and phrases used in Australia tend to have more in common with British English than they do American English.

No minority languages are present on the islands as there are no languages native to the island. The native languages used in Australia include Australian Aboriginal languages, Tasmanian languages, and the Torres Strait Island languages. Minority languages include Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Italian. The minority languages are each used by less than 3% of the population.

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