Where is Guatemala?

Located in Central America, Guatemala has a 1,667.00 km border with Belize (266 km), El Salvador (199 km), Honduras (244 km) and Mexico (958 km). It has a 400.00 km coastline. Guatemala is currently involved in land disputes in both Belize and the Caribbean Sea.

Guatemala is a North American country covering 108,889.00 km2 of which 1.59% is water and 107,159.00 km2 is land. This makes it the 105th largest country in the world and slightly smaller than Pennsylvania. Its geographic coordinates are 15 30 N, 90 15 W and Guatemala City is the capital city.

The name Guatemala comes from the Maya word meaning "Land of Trees".

Its ISO code is GT.


Guatemala has a mean elevation of 759 m above sea level.

It has a tropical climate that is hot and humid in the lowlands and cooler in the highlands. Its terrain is mostly mountainous with a rolling limestone plateau.


Guatemala has a population of 15,189,958 making it the 70th largest in the world. The majority of the population resides in the southern half of the country.

Spanish and Amerindian languages both spoken. Major ethnic groups reported include Mestizo and European. The majority of the country identifies as Roman Catholic, Protestant, or with indigenous Mayan beliefs.

The dialing code for the country is 502.


Guatemala is an independent country. It gained independence from Spain in 1821. Its constitution was last ratified in 1986.


Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, Guatemala's GDP is $132,000,000,000.00 (USD) with $7,900.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 78th largest economy and its citizens the 147th richest in the world. The currency of Guatemala is the Quetzal (GTQ).

Its major export partners are the United States and El Salvador. Its main exports are sugar, coffee, and petroleum. Its major import partners are the United States, Mexico, and China. Its major imports include fuels, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials, and grain.

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