As Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, English is the official language used in schools and by the government. English has been present for about 300 years. During this period, English has blended with the various ethnic words especially Spanish and Andalusian. Gibraltarian English is intriguing because there is a Spanish twist in the expressions. Furthermore, most residents are also fluent in Spanish. Much of Gibraltar’s language influences come from its neighboring countries of Spain and Morocco.

What Are the Linguistic Demographics?

In Gibraltar, Spanish is spoken by approximately 24% of the population. The Portuguese were one of the first settlers in Gibraltar and had increased significantly during the 18th century. About 10% of Gibraltar's population cites Portuguese origin, while around 20% of the population cites at least some Italian origin. Also, 13% of the population in Gibraltar comes from the United Kingdom.

What Are Some Common Useful Phrases?

Llanito is the primary local vernacular unique to Gibraltar. It hinges on the Andalusian Spanish but with various words adopted from English and other Mediterranean dialects such as Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, and Haketia.

Which Minority Languages Are Spoken?

Minority populations in Gibraltar include Hindi, Sindhi, and Arabic.

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