The capital and largest city of Fiji is Suva, which also has the status of being the most populated metro area in the entire region of Oceania. Suva is situated on the island of Viti Levu, specifically on its south eastern coast. The city was chosen as the capital of Fiji back in 1877 when this designation was moved from Levuka, located on the island of Ovalau. The then colony of Fiji’s administrative center was relocated to Suva in 1882. Suva is a port city and home to an important harbor which facilitates trade and commerce. The city was constructed on a hilly peninsula which juts out into the ocean.

According to figures from 2009 Suva’s population is 88,271. Its metropolitan area, which includes the suburbs, has a total population of 175,399 residents. Population density is approximately 110 people per square mile. The city itself is divided into six wards: Central, Tamavua, Cunningham, Nabua, Samabula, and Muanikau. The region, which is comprised of the towns of Suva, Lami, Nasinu, and Nausori, has a combined estimated population of about 330,000 people which is a figure that represents over a third of Fiji's total population.

Suva is important not only because it is the capital and seat of government but also for economic as well as cultural reasons. Some of the city major attractions include Suva City (or Carnegie) Library built in 1901 and the Fiji Museum which can be found in Suva’s botanical gardens known as Thurston Gardens. Among the historical collections housed here is an original rudder from the famous ship the HMS Bounty. Tourists visiting Suva also have the opportunity to take in the city’s wide array of restaurants, nightclubs, and festivals as well as assorted shopping venues such as the Tappoo City shopping centre.

Suva’s climate is classified as being that of a tropical rainforest. While it receives a great deal of rainfall throughout the entire year the city does not have a dry season. Average monthly rainfall amounts range from 4.92 inches in July to 14.48 inches in March. The city’s average annual rainfall totals 118.11 inches. Temperatures in the city are fairly consistent year round.

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