The flag of Czech Republic has two broad stripes, where the upper stripe is white while the lower stripe is red. The flag has a blue wedge on the left part right between the two broad stripes, which are equal in size. The flag of Czech is the same flag which was used in the former Czechoslovakia. Czech kept the flag while Slovakia adopted a new flag after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The current flag was adopted in 1993.

The initial Czechoslovakian flag was red and white. These colors are the heraldic Bohemian colors. However, in order to distinguish their flag from the Polish flag, a blue triangular wedge was added. The blue colored wedge represents the State of Moravia. The white color on the flag means peace, and the red color means courage and strength while the blue color on the flag means truth and loyalty.

The Czech flag was adopted after the independence of Czechoslovakia in 1918. A committee in-charge of creating the national symbols of the country selected a flag design by Jaroslav Kursa, who was an activist. The national assembly officially accepted the Czechoslovakian flag on March 20, 1920. The flag continued to be used by the Czech Republic once Czechoslovakia was dissolved.

After Czechoslovakia was established as an independent nation in 1918, the country developed their flag with two wide red and white stripes plus a blue wedge on the left side of the flag. This flag was approved in 1910 and used by the country until 1939. Between 1918 and 1918 Czechoslovakia was under the kingdom of Bohemia, so they used the Bohemian flag which has two broad white and red stripes. The country then adopted the protectorate of Moravia and Bohemia from 1939 to 1945 which has three stripes which were white, red, and blue. During this period the country was under the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. After 1945 the country then adopted their original flag which they used until 1992 when Czechoslovakia was dissolved. After the dissolution of the Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic became independent and decided to adopt the original flag of Czechoslovakia as their national flag.

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