Cyprus is a republic with unitary presidential representative system of government. The government is characterized by the separation of powers between the executive and the legislature. The island nation of Cyprus has remained a divided country since 1974 after Turkey raided the northern part. Since then, the globally recognized Republic of Cyprus has had jurisdiction in the south. In the north exists the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is only acknowledged by Turkey. The government of the Republic of Cyprus has continued as the only globally recognized authority of the country although its power is applicable only to the government-controlled area.

The office of the president was first created in 1960 after the Republic of Cyprus gained independence from the UK. The official residence and central workplace of the president are the Presidential Palace located close to the heart of Nicosia, which is the capital city of Cyprus.

The parliament of Cyprus is known as The House of Representatives. The government offices are located in Nechrou, Nicosia. The first parliament was formed on August 16, 1960. The term of the House of Representatives is five years. Ministers appointed by the president cannot hold seats in parliament. The leader of the House of Representatives is Greek Cypriots and chosen by the Greek community of elected MPs, and the Vice-President is a Turk and selected by the Turkish community of voted MPs. 22 seats in the house of representatives are reserved to the Turkish community, but are currently vacant.

Citizens aged 18 years and older are eligible to vote, including those who have been residents in Cyprus for six months before becoming eligible voters. The elections are held after every five years. Registration and voting were compulsory until the cabinet approved the abolition of this law on May 31, 2017. Over the years, the dominant political parties in Cyprus are Democratic Rally (DISY), Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL), Democratic Party (DIKO), and Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK). Candidates to be elected must be 35 years and above and must be citizens of Cyprus.

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