The capital of the Central African Republic is Bangui, which is located in the southern region of the country along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This city is situated on the Ubangi river and covers a total area of 26 square miles. Bangui is located within the prefecture of Ombella-M’Poko, however, the capital is considered an autonomous commune. This commune is further divided into 8 urban districts, which consist of several groups that are further divided into approximately 205 neighborhoods. Bangui was officially founded in 1889 and became the French administrative headquarters in 1906.

The population size of Bangui is around 734,350, making this the most populated city in the Central African Republic. This number represents significant growth over the 1975 population size, which was registered as approximately 279,800. This had nearly doubled by 1994, when the population was recorded at around 524,000. The people living here are from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, a number of minority communities call this city home.

Bangui is most recognized as the commercial and administrative center of the Central African Republic. Most of the visitors who come to this city are here for business ventures, rather than tourism. Despite its lack of popularity with tourists, Bangui offers a number of interesting sites. Most of these sites can be found in the city center, where visitors can see a large arch dedicated to Bokassa. Additionally, the central market and the presidential palace are located here.

Bangui is located within a tropical savanna climate region and is situated very close to the equator. These two conditions result in relatively high temperatures all year round. Between June 20th and August 27th, this city experiences a wet season in which more than 5 inches of rainfall is recorded for each month. On average, Bangui receives 59.84 inches of precipitation yearly. The hottest temperatures occur between January 23rd and March 18th.

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