The government of Cambodia is classified by the country as a multi-party democratic state. Cambodia is dominated by one political party, the Cambodian People's Party, who have ruled the country since 1979. The Prime Minister of Cambodia is selected by the King on the recommendation of the National Assembly which is elected through a system of proportional representation.

The national elections of Cambodia are held every five years on the fourth Sunday of July. Terms for seats within the National Assembly are five years long and the Senators within the Cambodian Government are elected indirectly by other politicians or the monarch.

The Parliament of the Kingdom of Cambodia is located is Phnom Penh which is the capital and most populous city of the country. The parliament building houses the offices of 184 members of the Cambodian government which includes 123 MPs from the Cambodian National Assembly and 61 Senators elected from the 25 different provinces of the nation. The National Assembly holds the legislative power within the country as well as special powers concerning administrative accounts, declaration of war, laws within the country, the national budget, and the formation of the Royal Monarchy.

Major political parties in Cambodia include the Cambodian National Rescue Party, the Cambodian People's Party, and the Sam Rainsy Party.

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