The capital city of Bahamas is Nassau. It is the largest commercial center in the Bahamas. The city is situated on the New Providence Island with the famous Paradise Island which is accessible via the Nassau-harbor Bridge. It also functions as the business district of the nation. The city is located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in New Providence with a hilly landscape and beautiful offshore coral reefs. The city of Nassau was formerly known as Charles Town, and was founded around 1670 by British settlers who came to New Providence to build a fort. It was named Charles Town after the British Monarchy King Charles II. The city which was known then as Charles Town was burnt down and rebuilt by the Spanish around 1684 before being renamed Nassau in 1695.

As per the last census of 2010, the city of Nassau had a population of 117,909 males and 128,420 females. Nassau is the home to more than 70,222 household with an average of 3 members per family. The large population is caused by the local wave of migration from the other islands to the capital city - in fact, the total population of the great metropolitan is 246,329 which is the same as the population in the urban population.

As an old city that was initially under the British and the Spanish, Nassau is a home to numerous old structures which act as tourist attractions. One of the sites is Fort Charlotte which is the largest fort in the Island that was built by the Lord Dunmore around 1789. Other tourist attractions that have tourists coming into the city are the Queen’s Staircase, Christ Church Cathedral, and Fort Fincastle. The city of Nassau has some of the most unique colonial architecture from the 1800s like the Parliament Square and the Government House, which has been the residence of the Governor General since 1801.

The city of Nassau features a tropical-monsoon climate which has consistent temperatures throughout the year. During the summer time the temperature of the city can go as high as 32 degrees Celsius and during the winter the daytime temperatures stand between 23-27 degrees Celsius. July is on average the hottest month of the year while January is the coldest month of the year, with temperatures at an average of 21 degrees Celsius.

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