English is the widely spoken national and official language in Antigua and Barbuda, and it is used in the government offices, in business, and in different public institutions. A large percentage of the population speaks their own Creole English dialect which is English with some African words and phrases. A small part of the country speaks Spanish, mostly comprised of immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

About 87.3% of the entire population can speak Antiguan Creole English. About 9.7% of the population speak Standard English only with a smaller percentage of the population speaking Spanish. Although the Creole language differs from one part of the Island to the other, the Creole English spoken in the southern part from Bolan to Swete are so divergent that residents from other parts hardly understand the language.

Although English is widely spoken in Antigua and Barbuda, many of the residents in the country speak a unique dialect of Creole English. The English Creole of Antigua and Barbuda has been influenced by other creole languages such as the Bajan Creole, Jamaican Creole, Trinidadian Creole, and Guyanese Creole.

The minority language in Antigua and Barbuda is mainly represented by immigrants from the Dominican Republic whose main language is Spanish. Over the years, those from the Dominican Republic have also created their own language referred to as Quisqueyano Spanish which is a blend of Spanish, Guyanese, Jamaican, and Antiguan English dialects. Spanish has been introduced in some schools in the country, and some churches offer Spanish sermon.

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