A crime index is the estimated overall rate of crime in a particular city or nation. The crime index rating is typically from 0-100 where 0 is the lowest crime index while 100 is the highest. Numbeo is a website that lists crime indexes for cities around the world based on user survey. Where does your city rank? Below is a list of the European cities that were voted to have the highest crime rates. 

Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Europe


According to Numbeo, the most dangerous city in Europe is Marseille, France. Most of the crime experienced in Marseille is petty crime, including pickpocketing. Some of the possible causes behind the high crime index is due to the little police presence in the city, under-investment, high levels of corruption, and inequality. 


Naples has historically had a reputation for being Italy's "Sin City". Unfortunately, high unemployment rates and a high degree of organized crime have done little to dispell this notion. Naples is also no stranger to corruption. Petty crime remains relatively common in Naples. 


Catania in Italy ranks among the most dangerous cities in Europe according to Numbeo. Catania is the second largest city in population in Sicily. Most of the crime that occurs in Cantania is petty theft. As it is a heavily touristed area, pickpocketing can also be a crime in Catania. 


Turin, Italy unfortunately ranks among the most dangerous city in Europe. Among the most unsafe places cited in Turin is the train station called Porta Nuova. Other hazardous parts of the city are the San Salvario and Porta Palazzo neighborhoods. One should watch out for pickpockets and be careful with their luggage and backpacks.


Finally, the fifth most dangerous town in Europe according to users on Numbeo is Kristiansand. Kristiansand, found in southern Norway, is the country's fifth most populated city. Unfortunately, this city has seen an increase in its crime rates over recent years. Many of the crimes that occur in Kristiansand are said to be drug-related in nature. Many of the crime in Kristiansand has also been linked to young offenders. 

Causes of High Crime Rates

Some of the reasons for high crime indices are high unemployment rates, inadequate police compared to a city’s large population, inequality, and terrorism. Governments can reduce insecurity by employing more security officers, lighting the streets, and fighting poverty.

Where Are the Most Dangerous Cities in Europe?

Rank´╗┐CityCrime Index (Source: Numbeo)
2Naples, Italy58.3
3Catania, Italy58.13
4Turin, Italy56.31
5Kristiansand, Norway56.22
6Manchester, United Kingdom55.89
7Rome, Italy54.34
8Paris, France52.95
9Birmingham, United Kingdom52.84
10Tromso, Norway52.48