Although coffee is said to have originated in tropical Africa, it is now harvested in more than 70 nations. The most popular types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Coffee is renowned for its slightly bitter taste and rich aroma. Coffee is among the world's most popular beverages. Although it is enjoyed all over the world, there are some countries who just seem to love their cup of joe more than others. Here are the countries that drink the most coffee:


According to the International Coffee Association, people living in Finland annually consumes 1,262 cups of coffee, a world record. Finnish coffee is usually prepared from lightly roasted coffee beans. The Finns' affinity for this hot beverage could stem from the extremely cold temperatures that are experienced in the country. In Finland, coffee is considered to be a social experience and is often shared among groups of friends.


Another Nordic entry on this list, Sweden consumes about 1,182 cups per capita every year. The coffee intake in the country could be as a result of the winters. Swedes love coffee and have made it a routine: they consume it in the morning, at the office, during breaks, and in the evening. Swedish coffee has a reputation for being strong.

The Netherlands

Dutch citizens in the Netherlands consume around 857 cups of coffee per capita annually. During social events and corporate meetings, it is normal for coffee to be consumed in large quantities. Regular black coffee is most popular in the Netherlands, followed by coffee served with milk or sugar.


Germans drink the fifth highest amount of coffee in the world, at 837.9 cups annually per capita. This means that coffee is even more popular than beer and water! An estimated 86% of Germans consume coffee on a regular basis, with many of them drinking it every day.

Other Top Coffee Consumers

Other nations that consume a lot of coffee include Brazil, where 777.6 cups of coffee per capita are consumed yearly. Cafezinho, or Brazilian style coffee, is the most popular hot beverage in the country. Norway is another country that consumes a lot of coffee, with around 720.7 cups of coffee per capita consumed yearly. Norwegians like their coffee beans lightly roasted to maintain the aroma. They also like it black. Coffee is also consumed at a high rate in Belgium. In a year, 643.8 cups of coffee per capita are consumed. Lastly, Denmark, Tunisia, and Italy consume about 608.7, 595, and 546.2 cups of coffee per capita in a year respectively.

Top Coffee Consuming Nations
RankCountryYearly Cups of Coffee Per Capita
9Tunisia 595