Every part of the world is unique in its own way. However, there's no denying that some places are more popular with tourists than others. However, just because a country is off the beaten path, it doesn't mean that it isn't worth a visit! Here is a list of countries around the world that see the smallest number of visitors.


Tuvalu, previously called Ellice Islands, is an island state located in Oceania between Australia and Hawaii. Tuvalu has six true atolls and three reef islands, and a population of over 11,192 people. Tuvalu occupies an area of about 10 sq miles. It is also the least visited country in the world. The island state received about 2,000 visitors in 2017. It is a peaceful state that doesn't have an army. Tuvalu has a lot to offer visitors, from emerald forests, turquoise waters, and white beaches. One of the most popular attractions in the country, Funafuti Lagoon, provides a perfect location for snorkeling and swimming.


Kiribati is an independent state situated in the central Pacific Ocean. It is made up of a raised coral island and 32 reef islands and atolls. The country has about 110,000 residents with about 50% of them living on Tarawa Atoll. Kiribati is the second least visited country on earth with about 4,000 tourists annually. The country occupies an area of about 310 sq miles, but is spread over an area of approximately 1,350,000 sq miles of the Pacific Ocean. South Tarawa, the capital city of Kiribati, is made up of numerous islets which are connected by a sequence of causeways.

San Marino

San Marino is an enclaved microstate located within the Italian Peninsula. San Marino is surrounded by Italy, and it occupies an area of about 24 sq miles. San Marino has over 33,562 people, and it is the third least visited country in the world. San Marino receives about 60,000 visitors annually. It’s the fifth smallest state on earth. San Marino is the world’s oldest sovereign and republic state.


Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, is an independent state in Maritime southeastern parts of Asia. Timor-Leste is separated from Australia by the Sea of Timor. East Timor occupies an area of about 5,400sq miles. It’s the fourth least visited country in the world and gets about 66,000 visitors annually. Most of the visitors here come to enjoy trekking, snorkeling, and diving in East Timor’s mountains and shores


Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked state situated in Central Europe. The German-speaking microstate is a constitutional monarchy which is surrounded by Austria and Switzerland. It is the smallest double landlocked state and occupies an area of about 62 sq miles. Liechtenstein has a population of over 37,877 individuals and its one of the least visited nations on earth with only 69,000 tourists annually.

The Least Visited Countries in the World
3San Marino60,000