Where is Palestinian Territory?

Palestinian Territory has a 550.00 km border with Egypt (13 km), 389 Isreal( km) and Jordan (148 km).

Ramallah is the de facto administrative capital of Palestine. It serves as the current seat of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), although the designated capital of the State of Palestine is East Jerusalem. Historically, Ramallah was an Arab Christian town. Modern Ramallah was established by the Haddadins in the mid 16th century. The growth of the city in the 17th and 18th centuries is primarily attributed to agriculture. In 1908, Ramallah became a modern city with an elected municipality. Currently, the city is an economic hub of the West Bank. Ramallah has seven sister cities including Rio de Janeiro, Trondheim, Bogota, Bordeaux, and Muscatine in Iowa.

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Palestinian Territory is an Asian country covering 6,220.00 km2 of which 3.54% is water and 6,000.00 km2 is land.. East Jerusalem is the capital city.

Its ISO code is PS.

The currency of Palestinian Territory is the Shekel (ILS).


Palestinian Territory has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

The climate is temperate and Mediterranean with a rainy season from November and April.


Palestinian Territory has a population of 4,550,368 making it the 125th largest in the world. The majority of the population is found in the central and western half of the territory.

The primary language of the people of Palestine and majority of Palestinians from around the world is Palestinian Arabic. It is also the official language of the state. The deaf population of the country uses the Palestinian Sign Language, which is one of the four dialects of the Levantine Arabic Sign Language. Hebrew is the second largest native language in the country, and English is the most spoken foreign language. Other languages spoken in Palestine include French, Armenian, Domari, Amharic, Russian, and various dialects of Arabic.

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The dialing code for the country is 970.

The state of Palestine is found in the Middle East. It is a sovereign state by law although some entities like Israel do not recognize its statehood. In the United Nations, the country assumes the status of a non-member observer. Palestine has a population of about 4,550,368 people, and it claims two enclaves in the area that was formerly known as British Palestine. The two territories comprise the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The total area covered by the nation is 2,320 square miles, and it is divided into 16 administrative districts known as governorates.

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The State of Palestine has a rectangular flag comprising of three equal horizontal bars colored black, white, and green with a superimposed red triangle rising from the hoist. It represents the state as well as the people of Palestine. The proportion of the width in comparison to the length is 1:2. The Palestinian flag has a striking resemblance to the flags of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and that of the Kingdom of Hejaz, although the two use a ratio of 2:3. Palestine’s flag has one variation, which has the same arrangement of colors but it bears the country’s emblem on the uppermost bar, next to the red triangle. The variant flag is the state ensign.

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