Where is British Virgin Islands?

Located in the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands is an island nation. It has a 80.00 km coastline. The country is not currently involved in any territory disputes.

The capital of the British Virgin Island is Road Town. It was developed around 1834. As per the 2016 census, the population of Road Town was 8,449. Road Town is one of the major tourist attractions on the British Virgin Islands. The capital has a unique tropical climate which is usually moderated by the trade winds. The wettest months on the Island are between September and November while the driest seasons being from June to November.

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British Virgin Islands is a North American country covering 151.00 km2. The area is comprised of 16 inhabited and more than 20 uninhabited islands and includes the islands of Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Jost van Dyke. and about 0.9 times the size of Washington, DC. Its geographic coordinates are 18 30 N, 64 30 W and Road Town is the capital city.

The British Virgin Islands were named by Christopher Columbus.

Its ISO code is VG.


British Virgin Islands has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

It has a subtropical climate that is humid and affected by trade winds. Its terrain is relatively flat, although occasionally hilly.


British Virgin Islands has a population of 34,232 making it the 213th largest in the world. The country's population is fairly distributed throughout the islands.

English is the official language. The major ethnic groups reported are African/black, Latino, and white. The population is mostly Protestant Christian.

The official language of the British Virgin Islands is Ssandard English. Additionally, Virgin Island Creole is spoken. The locals prefer to call it a dialect as the word creole is mostly associated with the French-based creole. Due to the interaction of the two languages, a speech continuum exists with the most basic creole on one end and standard English on the other. Most islanders can move through this continuum effortlessly thus making it difficult to pin down exactly the proportion that speaks either language.

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The dialing code for the country is -283.


It is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Its constitution was last ratified in 2007.

Her Majesty's British Virgin Islands government is a constitutional Monarchy with a democratic parliament. The current government structure of the country is as stated in the constitution, which was adopted in 2007. The current governor of the British Virgin Islands is Augustus Jaspert who was appointed on August 22, 2017 by the British monarchy. The current premier of the nation is Orlando Smith who was appointed by the governor and has been a premier since November 9, 2011. Orlando Smith is the leader of the National Democratic Party. The elected house of assembly members of the country meets in Richard Stoutt building in Road Town. The official home of the governor of the British Virgin Islands is the Government House. Citizens of the Virgin Islands who are 18 years and above are eligible to vote as per the constitution. The general elections are held after every four years. The country has had a 2-party system since 1999.

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Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, British Virgin Islands's GDP is $500,000,000.00 (USD) with $42,300.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 212th largest economy and its citizens the 39th richest in the world. The currency of British Virgin Islands is the Dollar (USD).

Its major imports include building materials, automobiles, and foodstuffs.


The British Virgin Islands’ national flag features the British Blue Ensign defaced with the nation’s coat of arms. It also features St. Ursula who appears to be holding a flaming gold lamp in one hand, surrounded by eleven more identical lamps. The flag was adopted on November 15, 1960. The eleven flaming lamps depicted on the coat of arms signifies the 11,000 virgin followers of St. Ursula. "Vigilate", which is a Latin word meaning "be watchful", is the motto on the coat of arms. There are two more flags related to the country’s national flag, and they are the gubernatorial flag and the civil ensign. An old or torn flag in the British Virgin Islands should be disposed of in a dignified way such as burning it in private with respect.

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