Where is Bahrain?

Located in the Middle East, east of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is an island nation.The country is not currently involved in any territory disputes.

Bahrain is an Asian country covering 760.00 km2. This makes it the 23rd smallest country in the world and around 4 times smaller than Rhode Island. Its geographic coordinates are 26 00 N, 50 33 E and Manama is the capital city.

The name means "two seas" in Arabic, referring to the water bodies surrounding the archipelago.

Its ISO code is BH.


Bahrain has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level. Its lowest elevation is Persian Gulf. Its highest elevation is Jabal ad Dukhan which is 122m above tall.

It has an arid climate with mild winters and extremely hot summers. Its terrain has mostly low desert plains, which rises gently into low central escarpment.


Bahrain has a population of 1,378,904 making it the 154th largest in the world. Most of the country lives in the far northern end of the island.

Arabic is the official language; English, Farsi and Urdu are also spoken. The major ethnic groups reported are Bahraini, Asian, other Arab, and Africa. The population is mostly Muslim, with some Christian groups.

The dialing code for the country is 973.


Bahrain is an independent country. It gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1971. Its constitution was last ratified in 2002.


Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, Bahrain's GDP is $66,370,000,000.00 (USD) with $50,300.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 99th largest economy and its citizens the 23rd richest in the world. The currency of Bahrain is the Dinar (BHD).

Its major export partners are Saudi Arabi and the United Arab Emirates. Its main exports are petroleum and petroleum products. Its major import partners are Saudi Arabia, the United States, and China. Its major imports include crude oil, machinery, and chemicals.

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