Where is American Samoa?

Located in Oceania, American Samoa is an island nation. It has a 116.00 km coastline.

American Samoa is an Oceanian country covering 199.00 km2. The area includes Rose Island and Swains Island. and about 2/3 of the size of New York City. Its geographic coordinates are 14 20 S, 170 00 W and Pago Pago is the capital city.

The name Samoa comes from the words "sa" meaning sacred and "moa" meaning "center".

Its ISO code is AS.


American Samoa has a mean elevation of 0 m above sea level.

It has a tropical marine climate dependent on southeast trade winds, with a rainy season from November to April and a dry season from May to October. Its terrain consists of five volcanic islands with rugged peaks and limited coastal plains.


American Samoa has a population of 54,194 making it the 206th largest in the world.

The majority speak Samoan. The majority ethnic group reported is Pacific Islander. The population is mostly Christian.

The dialing code for the country is -683.


It is a territory of the United States. Its constitution was last ratified in 1960.


Factoring in Purchasing Power Parity, American Samoa's GDP is $711,000,000.00 (USD) with $13,000.00 (USD) per capita. This makes it the 206th largest economy and its citizens the 116th richest in the world. The currency of American Samoa is the Dollar (USD).

Its biggest export partner is the United States. Its main export is canned tuna. Its major imports include raw materials, food, and petroleum products.

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